Food service

Buffet Steward


buffet Stewards and assistant buffet stewards work in both the buffet and the crew areas delivering a high standard of service. Once they have proven themselves they may be promoted to Assistant waiter.

Assistant waiter


The assistant waiter works in the main dining room as well as premium dining areas assisting the waiter to look after the guests. Some ships serve almost 30,000 meals per day so this is a very busy role.



Waiters work in the main dining room as well as the premium dinning areas. Working mostly for tips they generally look after between 20-40 passengers per day delivering excellent service.

Head Waiter


The head waiter will run a section onboard usually in the main dining room. Looking after a team of waiters and there assistant the head waiter ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Maitre D'


The Maitre D'  will manage the whole dining room. Some dining rooms can hold 1000 people or more so this is an extremely challenging role and is really only ever offered to applicants with extensive experience at sea.

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Food and Beverage Manager


In charge of a dozen or more food outlets as well as a similar number of bars and in some cases several hundred crew. this is a position only offered to very professional and experienced applicants.

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