Your free Crew Handbook to assist in finding those Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Staff Crew Handbook

the Crew handbook is divided into 3 sections

  1. The Recruitment Process
  2. Life Onboard
  3. Who's Who in the cruise Industry

Part 1 

This section reveals the pre-requisites required to make your application successful. It includes guides on minimum requirements, job descriptions, average industry salaries along with working hours etc.

Part 2 

This section is a candid and honest description of what you can expect once you start working onboard. It includes section on time off, how you get paid, how to contact your friends and family back home and even laundry. We have also included a list of ships terms as well as some of the policies to assist you.

Part 3

Here are listed the ten largest cruise line brands along with contact details to assist you.

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Cruise Staff 2018 crew handbook Updated (pdf)


ZR PCL quick info Reduced size (pdf)