Additional contacts

It would be a huge! challenge to list all the contacts for all of the cruise companies so we will try to list one for each of the different onboard areas .  there are more contacts listed in the free ebook which you can download here:

If you cannot find the contact you need write to


For musicians, Singers, dancers, guest speakers, bands , Guest speakers and anyone who is looking to entertain the guests visit the page below and you can register your interest directly with Princess Cruises.


Some companies use agencies to provide medical staff. For all Doctors, Nurses and paramedics wishing to work for Princess, Holland America, P&O or Seabourn use the following contact

Deck and Engine

We do not recruit for the majority of Deck, Engine and Technical crew. Here you can apply directly to Princess Cruises by writing to:  

Sri Lankan applicants

For all Sri Lankans wishing to apply for positions with Either Princess, P&O or Steiner write directly to our staff in Sri Lanka.

Security staff

For security roles onboard with HAL and P&O write to:

Disney cruise Line and Starboard Cruise Services

For all positions with Disney or Starboard (retail) write to our dedicated recruiter:

Spa Positions

For positions in the Spa follow the link below and you can apply online.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin voyages have not yet started recruiting. We are expecting to see them quite soon.

For all the updates sign up to our dedicated Virgin Voyages newsletter on the homepage.

Filipino Applicants

For all applicants applying from the Philippines, or holding a Philippines issued passport they should apply directly to Magsaysay. Online applications cane be made here:

Indian Applicants

For all applicants applying from India. or holding an Indian issued passport they should apply directly to Carnival Support Services India. Online applications can be made here:!/home

Indonesian Applicants

For all applicants applying from Indionesia. or holding an Indonesian issued passport they should apply directly to Meranti Magsaysay based in Either Jakarta or Bali. Contact details can be found here:

All Culinary applicants

If you wish to apply for a culinary role or other galley positions for either P&O, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line or Disney, send your up to date resume to Jerry: