The Pursers department

Guest services


Guest Services take care of the front desk and are usually caller pursers. In much the same way as a front desk clerk would in a hotel. You re involved in Check-in's, check out's, currency exchange, handling complaints amongst other tasks.

Tour Desk


Tour staff look after the shore excursions for the guests to enjoy when the ships are in port. In some ports there may be a few dozen choices for the guests and in other ports up to 200 choices. This is a busy part of the purser operation.

Future Cruise Consultant


Future cruise consultants work with the onboard passengers planning their next cruise vacation. Having a great knowledge of sales and the cruise industry is an important factor in this role.

IT officer


IT staff look after the needs of both passengers and the vessel. Your role could be assisting a passenger to connect their hone to the wifi. It could just as easily be solving complex network problems on board.

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International Host


International hosts act as translators on board and should be able to speak a number of languages fluently. In addition you should be able to read, write and translate those languages as well.

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Loyalty Host


Loyalty ambassadors work with the crew onboard to ensure those guests that are most loyal to the company are taken care of extremely well. Some guests have cruises more than 200 times with the same company and they expect a lot.

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