The galley

Senior chefs

With the galley brigade of over 150 chefs and cooks the senior team comprised of the Executive Chef, Executive Sous chefs,  Speciality Chef De Cuisines and Sous chefs have a very important role.

Pastry Chefs

The pastry team onboard provides all the pastry items for the buffet restaurant, speciality restaurants as well as the main dining room. With sugar free, dairy free, fat free and gluten free options available it is a great place to learn new skills too.

Butchery and Bakery

The smaller departments of butchery and bakery are important areas. All bread items are produced onboard and the butchery department also looks after the fish.

Chef De Partie

The Chef de Parties on board keep the galley operation on track. Structured like a traditional kitchen each CDP is in charge of their own section and team. 

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Commis Chefs

Making up the bulk of the galley teams the Demi chefs and commis chefs in all sections will assist in the production of up to 30,000 meals every single day.

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Producing and severing several thousand meals each service session means we need a strong team to help clean the dishes and the kitchen. This is a hot and tough area to work in but is a great stepping stone to being promoted into the cooks ranks.

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